always a traveller,
every project a journey.

a design and visual communications studio.

always a traveller,
every project a journey.

Design is our passionate excuse for creating and communicating. Like a koly [Persian term for gypsy], we travel from one project to another making new discoveries, allowing ideas to sing, dance and tell their stories.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Lao Tzu

And so studio koly took its first step following a moment of "what if" in late 2013. Since then, we continue to propel our creative process by cherishing that instigating magical "what if" moment and transforming it into reality!

Studio Koly is led by designer and art director Hoora Moinfar. We envolve ourselves in a wide range of creative projects—print and digital. In addition to working and partnering with clients, we have a keen interest in self-initiated experimental projects, developed independently and in collaboration with artists and designers.

what we do:
design direction
creative concept development
branding and identity
web and mobile UI
front end development

We currently reside in Tehran, Iran.